Pins – About Us

About Pins

  • Pins group founded 1998 grew to be one of the main players in the Digital scene in Egypt and region. Pins has become Orange Authorized dealer and ZTE mobile phones agent along other trade markers for both mobile phones and accessories.
  • Pins group has been an early adapter to market trends and by dominating a proper share of the hardware market in Egypt, Appliance moved efficiently towards the software and digital services arena.
  • Pins Group since 2015 provide the new IT service track to accommodate for the new market need, with a team of experts pins offering a wide range of digital services including IT & Home solutions, GPS navigation & Surveillance security systems, and we providing LEDs display outdoor & Smart digital Signage .
  • We Designing, Manufacturing, and distributing all accessories. The Main Provider for all operators in Egypt . Selling wide range of mobile accessories that met our customers needs. Manufacturing Modern and Stylish Mobile accessories

Our Vision

Our aim is to strengthen and develop our leadership by providing various market segments with high quality products and qualified services, so as to be our customers` best choice.

Our Mission

We want to develop profitable and lasting relationships, that`s why we deal with our customers and suppliers on bases of respect and mutual benefit as well as continuous innovation in order to fulfill their changing needs.
Owing to our long-term responsibility towards each and every person connected to our business, we have to make profit mixed with care and efficiency. So as to achieve a fixed increase in our partners` investments to reach the highest credits and to supply business developments.
We have to propose accessories to our customers

-To increase the usage of their device

– To be seen as Handset specialist

– To bring additional revenue with high level of margin